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Publications (Zaraat Nama) 2016 - page

Vegetable Calender - page

Wheat seed program - page

District Map - page

Yearly Workplan 2015-16 - page

Organogram - page

Fuctions / Area of Work - page

Publishing monthly ZaraatNama Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Facilitation &cooperation with PTV / Private TV Channels for Telecasting Farm TelecastProgrammes / messages / telops on Agriculture through their television channels.
Objectives - page

To disseminate information about modern agricultural technology /cropping techniques through mass media i.e. print and electronic mediafor transfer of technology to the farmers. To produce educative audio visuals as aid for group communication.
Mandate of Burearu Agriculture Information - page

Provision of printed extension material to field staff for facilitating extension services. Reaching out target group i.e farmers through all available mean of information communication. Feeding public information me
Introduction - page

PURPOSE OF BAI To have own provincial centralized agency for education and motivation of farming community and field staff of all sectors of Agriculture Department through mass media (Audio, video and prin
Director General Mr. Faseeh ur Rehman - message

Agriculture is the first profession necessarily adopted by human  and its extension taught by the Almighty  to Noah the apostle of God before Deluge.The profession that has the responsibility of food production not only for mankind but for the cattle as well, is a continuous  worship, blessed by Almighty.The people inv
Deputy Director Message Mr. Abid Kamal - message

I m feeling pleasure and enthusiasm for writing this message for Bureau of  Agriculture Information which is critical and most important wing of Agriculture Extension. The overall responsibilities and functions of this wing is dessimination and technology among the farming community of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
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